The Do’s and Don’ts of Melatonin

If you are taking melatonin then here are all the dos and don’ts to consider before you opt for this medication.

Time your Melatonin Every Night Before Sleeping

If you are struck with insomnia or sleepless nights, then the first thing to consider is to make as much time as you can for the good night sleep. Timing is really important. Even if you take melatonin, you are going to be dizzy if you don’t get enough time to sleep. Whenever you take melatonin, it is best to get in your bed right away.

Talk to a Doctor about your Sleepless Nights

If you are unable to sleep at night, then it is best to consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed by the expert. Doctors are able to point out the cause of your disturbed sleep cycles. For example, you can be having a sleep disorder or maybe depression. Your disturbed sleep cycles can just be a symptom of some bigger issue and consulting the doctor helps you aid both.

Change your Lifestyle if you are Having Insomnia

Melatonin is the best bet for insomnia, but it is a short-term solution. Therefore, you can make some changes along with melatonin supplements. For instance, making a sleeping routine, avoidance of alcohol, day naps and not taking too much caffeine.

No Activities after Taking the Melatonin

The Do’s and Don'ts of MelatoninThere is a reason behind going to bed quickly after taking the melatonin and that is because you can avoid the complex sleep related behaviours. FDA says that people who take sleeping drugs usually eat, drive, talk and perform other activities, while they are not fully awake and later on, they hardly remember all of the things they did.

A lot of people sleepwalk while they are completely asleep. This introduces some unwanted behavioural changes in the person like unusual behavior and changes in appetite. Some people get side-tracked also. These people usually comprise of those who do enter the bed as soon as they have taken the people, but their mind wanders off to the things they did not do or have to do in the morning.

Don’t Mix Melatonin with other Pills

Pills that work to depress your nervous system can easily double the effect of your sleeping medication. You will likely get dizzier and act weird. You might faint as well. Never increase the dosage on your own.

When patients get used to the medication, they buy melatonin in bigger quantities and start increasing the dosage on their own. This results in problems. It is indisputable that when people start to take large amount of melatonin for a long period of time, when they decide to bring an end to it, they have to face serious withdrawal symptoms.

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